Mobile flood protection

HWS-mobil protects up to a flood height of 1.30 meters. If not in use, the system can be stored away without difficulty.

Extreme weather conditions with heavy rainfall are becoming more frequent, water in the building is no joy:
When facing a flood, simply assemble the support modules and wall connections of HWS-mobil and insert and bolt the baffle plates.

The University of Siegen noted that the seals are pressed on additionally by the dynamic pressure. The only requirement is a waterproof and shear-resistant surface.

When not in use, the system can be stored in the smallest possible space.

HWS-mobil: highly variable, with short set-up times and low weight ... and useable for many years

HWS-mobil was awarded the Steel Innovation Award 2012.

Safe and solid: Easy assembly deploying the 3p-Technologiy.
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